My Education

My major education started when i did my o'levels and then it became more serious when I joined IB. Those who don't know what this trauma is, IB- International baccalaureate diploma programme, equivalent to the college degree but its more than that when you get into it. My IB journey was a tough one because it requires more of research work, experiments, critical thinking and writing which was a threat to my life at that time but it really got my interest and it was the actual start of attraction towards writing journey.

My Clicks

This is one of my cloud photography art available on my Instagram page: @_skygenic

Why me?

I preferably opt to write about on going social issues, entertainment and psychology as you can oversee from my articles that I more often write these. But As I writer i am a keen researcher and i loved to write in different genres and challenge myself.

So if think you were looking for a writer like me I am surely grateful and excited to tell you that I welcome you with my open heart. And I'll assure you to give my best work in your interest.

Waiting for you to contact me and we can surely start our journey!

Thankyou for showing your interest and time. Don't forget to review my articles on my social platforms.